TOP Gotop
Lobby Lounge
The high-reaching courtyard of the first floor of Janfusun Resort Hotel is permeated with the graceful style of relaxing Southeast Asia. A rainforest was constructed inside the courtyard. We harmonize the sound of water with the beautiful sounds of nature. The bar offers an assortment of scented teas, coffee, fruit and vegetable juices, English afternoon tea, and late night snacks. With the blending of the music of nature, this is the best place for you to chat freely.
Zen Garden Chinese Restaurant
A new dining culture to stun you, Meditation Garden Chinese Restaurant elaborates on an elegant and modern design. With the concept of exquisite set meals, we bring to you a table full of traditional Chinese dishes. Chefs use local ingredients from Yunlin, Jiayi, and Tainan to make Cantonese style food. The restaurant presents you with Chinese food and offers you Western utensils with which to eat it. We enhance the aesthetics of Zen with a new modern elegant style. In addition, the restaurant h
Blue Garden Restaurant
This cozy space blends together the style of modern Europe with the tastes of the Mediterranean. The restaurant can hold 350 to 420 seats. Dishes are created in according with the changing of seasons. Chefs create Western style delicacies and dishes from many different countries. At the same time, you experience fine food with local characteristics. The restaurant offers you an abundance and variety of dishes. Phone: +886 5 5829900 ext.7713、7715
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