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Park Facilities
Ferries Wheel
The 88m-tall Ferris wheel towers 30 stories high at the Janfusun Fancypark, offering a 360-degree view of the picturesque natural scenery. At the top of the Ferris wheel, visitors get to admire the full landscape of the park, the verdant, undulating Mt. Dajian in the distance and glamour of the Jianan Plain while being embraced by the clouds and the gentle breeze.
Diving Machine G5
The mammoth steel frame is custom built according to the terrain at Janfusun Fancy World, allowing the G5 to speed along the track amid the verdant scenery. The car is propelled up 65m in the air along the 38m track with 140kw of power before plunging down vertically at 110km/h, exerting 5Gs to push your body to the limit! The thrilling ride of shooting up in the air and diving back to the ground gets your senses tinkling. In this battle against gravity, you can scream as loud as you like!
Crazy Coast
The first 360-degree spiraling “chassis-less”roller coaster in Asia is 816m long, 40m high and travels at an insane speed of 86km/h through dives and curves to challenge your absolute limits and exhilarate all your senses. You will keep screaming for 120 seconds while experiencing the incredibly exciting sensation.
Sky Jet
Experience the speed of skyrocketing to the top and freefalling to the ground. The twin towers ride is imported from the US, where “Skyrocket” propels you up to 65m in the air at a speed of 80km/h, while “Freefall” drops you from the height of 65m at a speed of 65km/h to experience high altitude weightlessness and the thrill of plunging towards earth.
The Poseidon
The world's first 180-degree pendulum pirate ship, come and explore the unknown exciting adventure aboard The Poseidon!
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