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飛天潛艇-G5|Diving Machine G5


Everyone has longed for the adventure of flying, soaring through the sky.  Even planes or hand gliders can’t fulfill the desire to freely fly.
Everyone is eager to fly and adventure in the sky without restriction. Take the plane? Ride the hanging glider? These are not enough to fulfill the desire of flying and adventuring.

A long time ago, there was an elf named Jack. He loved the thrill of flying above the green lands of Yunlin Gukeng. He could admire the scenery below when ascending, then the excitement of diving back to earth.But one day he injured his wing, and found that he couldn't fly.

His friend Werner couldn't bear to see him cry, so he took him to 381-metre-long ride at Jianhushan. The ride has six flying carriages, each capable of carrying 16 passengers, allowing everyone to enjoy the rides together. Each ride propels the rider, with 140kw horsepower, to a height of 65 meters. As the riders ascend, the Dajian Mountains become visible, high above the vast Jianan Plain. Riders enjoy the beautiful view from on high, before descending vertically downward, at a speed of 110 km/h, accelerating to five times the force of gravity. The thrill and ecstasy of free falling allowed Jack to experience and marvel at the happiness of flying again, and also share the experience with his friends. So don't delay! Come and fly with Jack today!
Long long times ago, there was an elf likes to fly. He was called Jack. He enjoyed flying up and down at greenery of Yunlin Gukeng. He admired the scenery while flying up slowly. He enjoyed the excitement while flying down quickly. However, his wings got hurt one day. He found that he cannot fly whatever he wants anymore. His friend Werner couldn’t bear to see Jack’s tear. Hence, he brought Jack to the G5 which is as long as 381 meters in Janfusun Fancy-world.

There are six carriages, each of them can hold 16 passengers. Passengers can enjoy the sky with their partners. The G5 will going up to 65 meters high with 140kw horsepower at the beginning. You can see the Dajian Mountain in front of you, and the whole Jianan plain is under your feet. Passengers can enjoy the sky and the view at the same time. After that, it dives down with 140 km/h and the five G-Force acceleration of gravity that is on the human limit.

The excitement of rapid speed and the feeling of falling in a spaceship make Jack experience the happiness of flying again. Moreover, he had partners with him this time. Don’t hesitate! Get on the G5 and fly with Jack now!




 幸福天輪|The Blessed Ferris Wheel


Once upon a time ⋯
It was said that couples who rode the ferris wheel together would separate one day.  However, one couple dared not to believe this story, so came to Taiwan and rode the Ferris wheel. As it slowly rose up, they enjoyed overlooking the world around them with each other, and felt their car fill up with their love and happiness. They fondly kissed each other at the top. After many years, their love for each other remained strong and heavenly. The Jianhushan Ferris wheel at Yunlin Gukeng township remains one of their most beautiful memories.

It is said that the couple who take a ride on the Ferris wheel might break up one day. However, a couple who were not believe in this legend came to the first Ferris wheel in Taiwan. They got on the Ferris wheel. With the passenger car rising slowly, they thought that the car is filled with their love, and it is just like that they can overlook the whole world together. They kissed each other on the top of the Ferris wheel with fondness. They still love each other deeply until now. In this case, this Ferris wheel in Janfusun Fancy-world which is located in Yunlin Guken Township became their wonderful memories.

What they didn't know was that those who kiss each other at the top of the Ferris wheel, will always be blessed in their love. As the story spread, more and more couples came to experience the romance for themselves.

The Janfusun Ferris wheel, which stands in the Sky Plaza, was named "Happy Ferris Wheel" this year. When it rises to the highest point, at 88 metres, you can enjoy unobstructed 360 degree views over the entire park, and the spectacular panoramas of the Dajianshan Peak, with its unfolding layers of emerald green, where the magnificent Jianan Plain meets the sky and clouds above. There is no better place for lovers to create their own beautiful memories whilst marveling at the stunning scenery than aboard this amazing ferris wheel.

Surprisingly, they didn’t know that the legend is not over yet. It’s said that if couples kiss each other on the top of the Ferris wheel, their true love will last forever. More and more people know their story, and went to Janfusun Fancy-world to experience this romantic place.

This 88 meters and nearly 30-story-high Ferris wheel which is located in Janfusun Fancy-world Ferris Square is renamed to “The blessed Ferris wheel” at 2019. In the passenger car, you can see the stunning scenery from 360°. Furthermore, you can see the landscape of the whole park, the spectacular Dajian Mountain and the glamorous Jianan plain. It’s just like you are talking to the wind or shaking hands with the clouds.

People can create their own love stories and enjoy the wonderful view at the same time in this fantastic “The blessed Ferris Wheel”




這座立在摩天廣場的劍湖山摩天輪,在今年更被命名為「幸福摩天輪」。360度放眼所及,優美的自然美景一覽無遺。當上升至最高點,可欣賞全園景致,並遠眺大尖山峰一脈相連、層巒疊翠的景觀,與雲握手、與風對話, 嘉南平原風采盡收眼底。讓每對情人在創造屬於自己的幸福故事時,也能同時有最美的風景相伴。




侏羅紀恐龍區(Dinosaur park)


Vera: Do you know that there is a huge dinosaur in Janfusan Fancy-world?
(Vera: 你知道劍湖山世界裡有一隻很大隻的恐龍嗎?)
Jack: I know! The Tyrannosaurus Rex! It’s really famous!
(Jack: 我知道!那隻霸王龍!牠很有名!)
Vera: There are also many different kinds of dinosaurs. 
(Vera: 那裡也有各種不同種類的恐龍)
Jack: Oh my god! I can’t wait to visit there.
(Jack: 我的天啊!我等不及要去拜訪那裡了。)




Nathan: Which dinosaur do you like best?
Lily: I think I like the oviraptor best.
(Lily: 我想是偷蛋龍)
Nathan: Why? The Oviraptor stole eggs from other nests, didn’t they?
(Nathan: 為什麼?偷蛋龍會偷別人的蛋,難道不是嗎?)
Lily: No! That’s a general misunderstanding. Actually, they didn’t steal any eggs.
(Lily: 不!他們被每個人誤會了。事實上,他們沒有偷任何恐龍的蛋)
Nathan: I get it! They are innocent. Thank you very much for enlightening me.
(Nathan: 我懂了!他們是無辜的。謝謝你跟我說這個事實。)




Kuku: Look! There is a big dinosaur!!
(Kuku:看! 那裡有一個大恐龍。)
Bobo: It can move like a real one.
(Bobo: 它可以跟真的恐龍一樣動來動去耶。)
Kuku: I like dinosaurs. Do you want to go to the Kiddy Land and see more of them?
Bobo: Sure, let’s go!


咕咕飛車(KuKu rollercoaster)


Nancy: Oh my god! So fast!
(Nancy: 我的天啊!好快啊!)
Zoe: See! We can see the people on the ground! They look tiny.
(Zoe: 看!我們可以看到地面上的人,他們看起來好迷你。)
Nancy: I’m too afraid to look down from here.
(Nancy: 我太怕了我不敢從這裡往下看。)
Zoe: It will go around once more. Are you ready for the second time?
(Zoe: 這個會繞兩次。你準備好第二次了嗎?)
Nancy: Ohhhhhh! It’s really got my adrenaline pumping!
(Nancy: 噢噢噢噢!這真的刺激我的腎上腺素!
(They get off the KuKu rollercoaster.)
Nancy: I screamed throughout the whole ride.
(Nancy: 我整趟都在尖叫。)
Zoe: Haha, I want to try it again. Do you want to join me? 
Zoe: 哈哈我想再玩一次。你要加入我嗎?




Bobo: Guys, which ride do you want to go on first?
(Bobo: 你們想先去哪個設施呢?)
Caca and Dodo: The Kuku roller coaster in Kiddy land !
(Caca and Dodo:兒童玩國的咕咕飛車!)
Bobo: Aren’t you afraid of it?
(Bobo: 你們不害怕嗎?)
Caca and Dodo: No! We like it. It looks fun and exciting.
(Caca and Dodo: 不!我們喜歡!它看起來很好玩而且很刺激.)
Bobo: No problem. Let’s go and experience it
(Bobo: 沒問題. 那我們出發然後挑戰它吧!)




Patty: What’s that? Everyone is screaming. It looks exciting.
(Patty: 那個是什麼? 每個人都在尖叫。看起來很刺激。)
Anna: That’s the KuKu Rollercoaster. Do you want to give it a go?
(Anna: 那是咕咕飛車。你想試試看嗎?)
Patty: Sure, I love riding the roller coaster very much.
Anna: It’s special. It will start in Kiddy land and then go all round the park.
Patty: That sounds interesting.
Anna: Yes it is, quick, let’s get in line and wait for it!
(Anna: 是啊,所以我們快點排隊等吧!)


兒童玩國(Kiddy Land)


Anne: Woody! See! That is the carousel! It’s so beautiful!
(Anne: Woody! 看!那是馬車!好漂亮喔!)
Woody: Look there! Those are the flying stars. Which one do you want to ride first?
(Woody: 你看那裡!那是飛天法寶。你想先玩哪一個?)
Anne: The Royal carousel. I feel like I am a princess while riding the carousel.
(Anne: 皇家馬車。我在搭馬車的時候都覺得我自己像是一個公主。)
Woody: All right! Let’s go! After that I want to ride the flying stars.
(Woody: 好!走吧!搭完之後我想搭飛天法寶。)
Anne: Yes of course. It looks fun too.
(Anne: 當然好。它看起來也很有趣。)




Alice: I want to ride the happy kids car
Ben: Me too. It looks exciting.

After they get on the happy kids car.

Alice: You are too slow to catch me.
(Alice: 你太慢了,你追不到我。)
Ben: Hahaha! I’m right behind you.
(Ben: 哈哈哈!我就在你的後面喔。)
Alice: Come on! Speed up! speed up!
(Alice: 來嘛!快一點!快一點!
Ben: I’m going to overtake and pass you! Here I come!
(Ben: 我要追上你然後超越你囉!我要來囉!)




Cathy: I love the fun atmosphere here!
(Cathy: 我愛這裡快樂的氛圍。)
Bob: I can’t agree with you more. Everyone’s smile is so contagious.
Cathy: I feel so young again.
(Cathy: 我一瞬間好像回到了我的童年。)
Bob: Me too. That’s the magical power of kiddy land.
(Bob: 我也是。這就是兒童玩國的奇幻力量。)



打卡景點: 結婚證書


Woody: What’s that big piece of paper? Let’s go take a look.
(Woody: 那個大張的紙是什麼? 我們去看看。)
Anne: I know what it is! That’s the biggest marriage certificate in Yunlin.
(Anne:我知道! 那是全雲林最大的結婚證書。)
Woody: Really? It sounds cool. Let’s take a photo in front of it and post it on Facebook.
(Woody: 真的嗎?聽起來很酷。我們去它前面照相然後在臉書打卡。)
Anne: Oh no! I forgot to bring my tripod. Let me ask someone for help.
(Anne:喔不!我忘記帶腳架了。我去請別人幫忙。 )
(Anne asks a passerby for help.)
(Anne 請一個路人幫忙。)
Anne: Excuse me, could you take a picture of us with the marriage certificate?
(Anne: 不好意思,你可以幫我們跟結婚證書拍照嗎?)
Passenger: Sure.
(Passenger: 當然。)
(After taking a picture.)
Woody: Thank you very much. Anne, see! The ferris wheel is also in the picture.
(Woody: 非常謝謝你。 Anne 你看! 摩天輪也在照片裡。)
Anne: It’s so beautiful, I can’t wait to post it on Facebook.
(Anne: 太漂亮了,我等不及要在臉書上打卡了。)



學習單|Learning Sheet

1.     A: I like to ride the G5. I really enjoy it. What do you think?

Julie: Hmm ... ____________ That would be more fun.

(A)I’m not good as you(B) I’d like to ride Kuku coaster (C) I’m not much into it


2.     A: Do you want to go on a trip with me? B: ______. A: That’s great.

(A)Cool! I’ll cancel the trip (B) Certainly, I’m up for it (C) I’d rather stay at home


3.     A: Excuse me, I think you got my bag. B: Sorry, _________.

(A)It’s similar to mine (B) It’s none of my business (C) You should change a bag


4.     A: _________B: Everything tasted good. I like spicy stuff, remember?

(A)Which ride do you like? (B) How was the food? (C) Who arranged the visit?


5.     A: I saw you at Jianfushan yesterday. ________.

B: Maybe that’s why I didn’t see you

(A)You seemed to be busy talking to someone. (B) You visit there with your family (C) The food tastes good.


6.     A: __________ B: Wait! I’m replying the comments on my photo.

(A)I love taking selfie. (B) Do you have a FB account? (C) Stop phubbing!


7.     A: What time do we have to leave for the dinner tonight? B: ____.

(A)If we go before 6:00, we’ll be fine. (B) The restaurant will be closed at 10:00 (C) It’s worth out time to book this restaurant.


8.     A: It comes to 210NT dollars. Do you need a bag? B: No, _________.

(A)I’m looking for a bag (B) I brought my own shopping bag (C) My wallet is in my bag.


9.     A: I’ll have a large black tea without ice cube. B: _______ A: Half sugar.

(A)For here or to go? (B) Do you need a straw? (C) What about the sweetness level?


10.    A: Where could I find the key ring? B: _______, near Aisle 3.

(A)That’s in our souvenir section (B) It’s in the first building (C) The store is close to the bakery


11.    A: He is recycling all of the items. B: __________

(A)That’s quite another pair of shoes (B) It’s dirty (C) That’s very environmentally friendly.


12.    A: Are you free this Friday night? B: _____.

(A)What do you think of the beer (B) What do you have in mind (C) What are you going to order


13.    A: ___________. B: Sorry! I forgot. I’m really sorry.

(A)You got a good grades (B) You were supposed to meet me for dinner. (C) Did you saw the funny movie?


14.    A: This is my favorite song, shall we dance? B: I’m sorry. _________

(A)I love dancing (B) We are the best dancers (C) I’ve got two left feet


15.    A: ____________? B: I’m going to visit Jianfushang with my wife

(A)What are you up to this weekend? (B) What’s your budget? (C) What do you do for a living?


16.    A: _____ now, or we will be late for the meeting. B: Okay, I’m coming.

(A)Let’s keep in touch (B) Let’s call it a day (C) Let’s hit the road


17.    A: I have the ticket for tomorrow’s train to Yunlin. ________.

B: The date or the destination?

(A)I don’t know where it will go. (B) Yunlin is beautiful (C) I need to exchange it.


18.    A: What’s your budget? B: ______.

(A)Money is no object (B) He is 65 years old(C) It’s about three months


19.    A: I’d like to return this doll. B: _________

(A)Is there anything wrong with it? (B) Is it for here or to go? (C) Is it out of stock?


20.    A: Would you like to join our trip to Yunlin? B: Sure, sounds great. _________? A: Just yourself.

(A)When should I come (B) What should I bring (C) Where should I go?