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Jungle Slide

This facility is a paid facility.

The length of the Jungle Slide next to the longest escalator is 66 meters, and the bottom is made of stainless steel with transparent acrylic. It is tailor-made for the original Wiegand factory in Germany and has set a record as the longest slide in Asia. The total length is 66 meters, the height is 25.4 meters, and there are 6 bends in total. The average experience time is 13 seconds. With the transparent slide, the surrounding insect scenery and the tall woods, putting on the linen cloth and sliding down at high speed, the feeling of stalling is definitely not to be missed!

Degree of thrilling:★★★★

  1. Children under 6 years old and people over 60 years old are not allowed to ride.
  2. Please do not ride if the height is below 110 cm, the height is above 185 cm, and the weight is above 120 kg.
  3. People who suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, drunkenness, pregnant women, asthma, epilepsy, hidden diseases, cervical spine injuries and physical discomfort are not allowed to ride.
  4. Only one passenger is allowed to experience the slide at any time, and it is forbidden to stop sliding in the middle of the slide.
  5. Items that are easy to fall on your body, such as backpacks, glasses, mobile phones, etc., should be removed in advance to avoid falling damage while riding.
  6. If you have any unmentionable disease or anything need to help, please inform our staff and cooperate with the safety requirements.