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Horror Train

Horror Train is based on the theme of trains to create 8 different fright scene cars, and use the new AR projection technology, allowing visitors to immerse and interact with the real virtual image of the orcs attacking the train with the naked eye. Strolling in the train, interacting with zombies, werewolves, chainsaw men...and so on with sound and light. Is Dr. J still continuing his experiments? The clown train conductor with a weird smile is Dr. J. Have you/have you gotten in the train?

Degree of thrilling:★★★★

  1. Experience is strictly prohibited if the height is below 100 cm.
  2. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult for the experience.
  3. Those who suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, drunkenness, pregnant women, asthma, epilepsy, hidden diseases, claustrophobia, light allergy, inconvenience and physical discomfort are strictly prohibited.
  4. The experience area is safe for video surveillance. It is strictly forbidden to carry dangerous goods, run and push, and it is strictly forbidden to damage the equipment.
  5. Performance staff will keep a certain safe distance from tourists, and it is strictly forbidden to touch or attack the staff.
  6. Taking pictures, photography and staying in the experience area is prohibited.
  7. If you have any unmentionable disease or anything need to help, please inform our staff and cooperate with the safety requirements.