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Sky Jet

Experience the speed of skyrocketing to the top and freefalling to the ground. The twin towers ride is imported from the US, where “Skyrocket” propels you up to 65m in the air at a speed of 80km/h, while “Freefall” drops you from the height of 65m at a speed of 65km/h to experience high altitude weightlessness and the thrill of plunging towards earth.

Degree of thrilling:★★★★★

  1. Under 140cm height of visitors are not allowed to ride.
  2. For the sake of safety, do not ride some rides that cannot be completely secured due to excessive visitor height or weight.
  3. Visitors with heart problems or high blood pressure, who are intoxicated ,pregnant ,or who have suffered spinal injuries are not allowed to ride.
  4. Items that are easy to fall on your body, such as backpacks, glasses, mobile phones, etc., should be removed in advance to avoid falling damage while riding.
  5. If you have any unmentionable disease or anything need to help, please inform our staff and cooperate with the safety requirements.